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Integrity Dental Voted "Best Dentist" in Maine 2nd Year in a Row

We have to admit - we've been keeping a pretty big secret from you over the course of the past few months! As much as we we wanted to share this incredible news with you all much sooner, we were asked not to make a peep until an official announcement was made on February 22nd, 2024. Well, we think you've waited long enough, and we know we certainly have!

Without further ado, we're beyond excited to be able to officially announce that Integrity Dental was voted 1st Place/Gold in the Best Dentist category in the Best of the 207 contest for 2023! What's more? This is the 2nd year in a row that Integrity Dental was voted as one of the top 3 best dentists in Maine, having taken home 3rd Place/Bronze for 2022!

The Best of the 207 contest is hosted by Portland Radio Group. The goal of this contest was to compile a reference guide for Mainers of some of the best businesses across the state of Maine, with businesses being named as one of the best in their category based solely upon votes from Mainers across the state. According to the Portland Radio Group, there are over 140,000 businesses and 1.4 million residents across the state of Maine, not to mention the millions of additional visitors the state sees each year due to the tourism industry. In 2022, there were over 70,000 votes cast for more than 240 different business categories. In 2023, these numbers nearly doubled, with votes for more than 4,000 Maine businesses across 250 different business categories! That being said, it's nothing short of a huge achievement for any Maine business to be nominated for this contest, let alone voted as one of the top 3 best businesses in their category!

Integrity Dental was lucky enough to be nominated for the Best of the 207 contest in 2022 and again in 2023. While we may never know who it was that nominated us, we'll always be forever grateful to them! To whoever it was, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Integrity Dental first opened its doors in January 2021 to the small town of Yarmouth and its surrounding communities. Our mission was simple, but by no means simple to execute, since in many ways we were going against the current status quo in dentistry. We hoped to bring dentistry back to basics by creating a smaller, simpler dental practice with a focus on building meaningful connections with our patients while offering high-quality, lasting dental care. We aimed to do so at a time where the dental profession is experiencing a historic shift from this type of family- and patient-focused practice to larger group practices or "Dental Service Organizations" (DSOs), which far too often put increased patient volume and higher profits above all else. In many ways, it would have been much easier and faster to build a practice following that kind of approach. However, we were determined to do what's right for our patients, our community, and our profession, even if doing so meant following a more challenging, less-traveled path. Now here we are, over 3 years in business, with many happy, satisfied patients, and now proudly holding the title of Best Dentist in Maine for two years in a row!

It means so much that a smaller practice/business like ours can have such a large impact on our community and state. While a great deal of care and thought do go into every little detail of what we do, we never really feel that we're doing anything extra special. Rather, we simply feel that we're doing what's right, and what every dental office should be doing to provide patients with an exceptional dental experience.

We truly enjoy getting to know each and every one of our patients on a personal basis. Each patient is like family to us, hence the reason we often refer to our practice as a "dental family." We enjoy providing each patient with the time they need and deserve. We never want our patients to feel rushed. We enjoy taking the time to hear each patient's concerns and broader goals, and discussing with each patient the various ways in which we can help address not only what's needed, but what's most important to them. Above all, we enjoy going above and beyond to make each patient feel comfortable and cared for, so that each patient leaves smiling and looking forward to returning for their next visit. From calming white noise and soothing aromatherapy, to gentle-touch injections, relaxing bite pillows, neck pillows and blankets, and not to mention an extremely gentle team of providers, we pull out all the stops for each and every patient, whether it's someone with a great deal of dental anxiety or someone who absolutely loves going to the dentist.

Nothing means more to us than when we hear time and time again from our patients that their experience with our practice was one of the best dental experiences they've ever received. What an incredible compliment, one we don't take lightly. We look forward to continuing to offer an exceptional dental experience and level of care to each patient that walks through our door, in the year ahead and for many years to come.

Thank you to all who continue to support our team, and to each and every one of you who took the time to vote for us day after day, week after week, from the time the polls opened to when they finally closed.

And last but certainly not least, while it's a huge honor to receive this award, it's even more of an honor to be just one of many incredible dental practices across the state of Maine. We really do have an incredible dental community and network of providers, and feel that a win for any one of us is a win for us all.

Are you looking for a dentist? More importantly, are you looking for a dental team that's caring, compassionate and gentle? Well, you're in luck! Integrity Dental is always welcoming new patients to our growing dental family! For questions, concerns or more information, please call us at (207)847-0353 or email We look forward to hearing from you, and to providing you with an exceptional dental experience!

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