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Welcome to Our Dental Family!


Welcome to Integrity Dental, and thank you for visiting our website!

When we set out to start Integrity Dental in late 2020, it was with one main focus in mind - you, our patients. We enjoy being different. Our goal is to not be like everyone else. We offer the exceptional dental experience we believe every patient deserves. 

We offer a space where our patients receive gentle, comfortable and compassionate care.


We offer a unique approach to your dental experience and actively work to go above and beyond, because frankly, we're just not okay with the status quo. Most importantly, we care a lot about our patients. At Integrity Dental, you're never a number. You're a person, and we enjoy getting to know you and your loved ones while helping to identify and address your unique, individual needs and goals. Then again, none of this really means anything until you actually experience what we're all about.


Get in touch if you're ready to make a change, and we'll look forward to showing you what we're all about!


Your partner in dental health,

~ Dr. Jonathan Nutt ("Dr. J")

Meet Your Team

We care a lot about smiles, and even more about the people behind them.

In our practice, you're more than just a patient - you're a person.

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