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Meet Integrity Dental

Welcome to Integrity Dental, and thank you for paying us a virtual visit!

When we opened the doors to our practice in January of 2021,

it was with one main focus in mind - you, our patients.

Let's be honest, dentistry has changed a lot over the years. Most of us can see that. I've seen a significant amount of change in just my own lifetime. In many ways, this change has been for the better, but in other ways, perhaps not so much.


When I was growing up and would visit my childhood dentist, I assumed that all dental offices and dental experiences were the same. I was lucky enough to have a dentist who was the one and only dentist at his office. That office was smaller, with 3 or 4 treatment rooms and a team of 3 or 4 people. In that office, I never felt like a number. I never felt rushed. I never felt overlooked. Instead, I felt at home. I felt seen. I felt heard. I felt comfortable. Above all, I felt cared for.


Fast forward many years to when I enrolled in dental school. I didn't come from a family of dentists and honestly wasn't sure what to expect of dentistry. I knew very little about the many different ways that dental offices could be run. I naively expected that most offices were similar to the one I grew up going to, and that I'd be able to practice dentistry the way my childhood dentist did.

My eyes were quickly opened, and I very quickly learned that the type of office I grew up going to was quickly becoming a thing of the past.


I was entering the dental profession at a pivotal time in its history. I watched and have watched as small, single doctor offices focused on quality- and relationship-based dentistry have been replaced by large, multi-doctor practices, many of which focus on profits before patients. Many dentists much older than myself warned my peers and I that dentistry was changing, and that the golden age of dentistry was coming to an end. That never sat right with me, and I refused to believe it to be true.

I was determined to practice dentistry differently, and to provide my patients with the exceptional dental experience I was so lucky to have during the course of my life, even if doing so meant going against dentistry's new status quo.


It was with this vision and a big leap of faith that Integrity Dental was born.

At Integrity Dental, we enjoy being different. We offer the exceptional dental experience we believe every patient deserves.

We offer a space where all patients can receive gentle, comfortable and compassionate care.


We offer a unique approach to your dental experience and are committed to going above and beyond.


Above all, we care a lot about our patients. In our office, you're never just a number. You're a person,

and we enjoy getting to know you and your loved ones while helping to identify and address your unique needs and goals.


Then again, none of this really means much until you experience for yourself what we're all about.

Get in touch today if you're looking for a change, and we'll look forward to showing you

what an exceptional dental experience should look like.


Your partner in dental health,

~ Dr. Jonathan Nutt ("Dr. J")

Meet Our Team

We care a lot about smiles, and even more about the people behind them.

In our practice, you're more than just a patient - you're a person.

Jonathan Nutt, D.M.D.

Founder + General Dentist



Dr. Jonathan Nutt ("Dr. J") is a board-certified general dentist and the proud founder of Integrity Dental.


Dr. J grew up in New Hampshire, where he received his B.S. in Biology from Rivier University.

He moved to Maine to attend dental school, and in 2018 he proudly earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine

from the University of New England College of Dental Medicine in Portland.


Dr. J is passionate about connecting with his patients on a personal level. He takes time to understand each patient's unique needs and goals and works with each patient to develop a dental care plan that fits their needs, goals and budget.

Dr. J is very passionate about taking time to offer each patient the best possible experience, from catching up with each patient during checkups, to taking the extra time to be gentle when numbing, or taking the time he needs to perfect a restoration. Dr. J is extremely passionate about encouraging a team-based approach to patient care, and his patients know that he loves taking time to educate them so they feel empowered to play a more active role in their dental care.


Dr. J is passionate about learning and expanding his knowledge and skill set. While a minimum of 40 hours of continuing education are required of Maine dentists every two years to maintain active licensure, Dr. J actively pursues at least double that amount. Not just for the sake of keeping up with the constantly evolving field of dentistry, but because he truly enjoys learning and challenging himself to get better and better at his craft.


Dr. J is a proud member of his local Breakwater Study Club, an offshoot of the Seattle Study Club. He enjoys learning through the Spear Education institute and attends many in-person CE courses each year both in New England and across the country. However, he is currently most passionate about his ongoing studies with the prestigious L.D. Pankey Institute in Key Biscayne, Florida, a center for advanced dental education that focuses on important fundamental dental topics, notably occlusion - the relationship between our Temporomandibular Joints (TMJs), facial muscles, and teeth - which he considers to be one of the most important foundational pieces to any successful dental treatment plan. Dr. J believes that understanding these principles is like an auto mechanic understanding how a car engine works and making sure it runs smoothly before focusing on how the car looks. Imagine driving the coolest or most beautiful car on the road but not paying any attention to what's under the hood. The same is true when it comes to our mouths. A bite pattern that's well-understood and accounted for will more often result in a better long-term outcome for patients. However, when these concepts are not understood and/or are overlooked, trouble is bound to follow.


Dr. J is a proud member of many national and local organizations, including the American Dental Association (ADA), Maine Dental Association (MDA), Greater Portland Dental Society (GPDS), Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), and the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce. He and our team are also proud sponsors of local organizations, such as the Yarmouth school district, Yarmouth Community Services, and Yarmouth Little League.


When not at the office, Dr. J enjoys spending time with his family, staying active, cooking and baking, and of course enjoying the local, ever-changing food scene around Maine.


Jonathan Prak

Patient Care Coordinator



Where do we begin?! We are SO incredibly lucky to have Jonathan as part of our team!

Our office just wouldn't be the same without him!


Jonathan is the caring, friendly voice that greets you on the phone,

and the even friendlier smile that welcomes you when you visit our office!

He absolutely loves getting to know and help each and every one of our patients!


A lifelong Mainer, Jonathan grew up in "Sunny Saco" where he attended Thornton Academy. He learned piano starting at a very young age, later moving on to study classical piano with the world-renowned pianist, Laura Kargul, at the University of Southern Maine Osher School of Music in Gorham, where he received his B.A. in Piano Performance. He is currently enrolled in U.S.M.'s graduate program for piano performance, working towards achieving his Master's in Piano Performance.

He has been the recipient of many scholarships and awards, and is proud to say he has a direct lineage to Beethoven! 


Jonathan spends much of his time practicing piano when not at the office - often 6 hours or more at a time!

He has a knack for learning languages and is fluent in French. He's currently working on trying to master the French Canadian dialect and loves traveling to Montréal. He loves when he meets a patient he can speak French with! He also enjoys calligraphy, reading, and cooking. A former barista, he's extremely passionate about good coffee. He enjoys brewing up delicious beverages and making beautiful latté art with his own home espresso bar! He's currently working on trying to convince Dr. J to have an espresso machine at the office so he can spoil our patients even more by sending them home with a café-quality beverage!

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