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No Insurance? We Have You Covered!

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The same high-quality dentistry you deserve,
at an affordable price you can smile about!

Did you know that half of all patients do not have dental insurance?

And those who do pay more and more each year, while insurance companies pay less and less towards the treatment you need.

Spending more but getting less simply makes no sense. We believe our patients deserve something better.

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Your health is important, and your dental health is no exception.

Many patients worry about going to the dentist out of fear that they might not be able to afford the care they not only need but deserve.

We see and hear you, and want to help make it easier for you and your family to put your dental health first!

That's why we offer our very own in-house dental wellness program that brings you the same high quality dentistry you expect, at an affordable price you can smile about!

So say goodbye to dental insurance, and hello to DenVantage!

As a DenVantage member, you get:

Complete care without compromise: All of the preventative care services you need each year, including dental x-rays, exams and cleanings. Plus any other treatment you want or need.

Freedom to choose: Pick the wellness plan that best fits your dental needs and budget.

Lower pricing: Receive special members-only discounts off our regular fees. With no middleman (insurance), you pay our office directly only for the treatment you want or need, saving you money!

Convenience: Make automatic online monthly payments or one flat rate annual payment starting at just $30 per month* or $360 per year*

Peace of mind: No additional payment due at the time of service for regular preventative care visits.

Transparency: Know what you owe before each treatment visit, so there are never any surprises!

*Monthly or flat rate annual payment(s) depend upon the DenVantage wellness plan that best fits your dental needs. All patients interested in becoming a DenVantage member must first have a full mouth series of dental x-rays and Comprehensive Oral Evaluation with our office, from which the doctor will make a formal diagnosis based on your overall dental health. We will then discuss your diagnosis with you and advise you on which DenVantage wellness plan best fits your dental needs. Some patients may not be eligible for the lowest priced wellness plan option if they have more extensive dental needs requiring more involved and more frequent visits to our office. Monthly or flat rate annual payment(s) do not include one-time, non-refundable administrative signup fee. Initial Comprehensive Oral Evaluation not included in DenVantage as it is required at the time of establishing with our office, before we can determine which DenVantage wellness plan is best for you.

Plans That Fit Your Needs and Your Budget

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Adult Perio 3.jpg
Adult Essentials.jpg
Adult Perio 4.jpg

Plus, members also receive
a special members-only discount
off all other non-preventative
dental services, including:


Implant restorations




Teeth whitening



And more!

*Monthly or flat rate annual payment does not include required one time, non-refundable administrative signup fee of $55 per individual or $95 per family. This signup fee is paid at the time of signup directly towards the third party organization that helps to oversee and manage facilitation and payment processing of your DenVantage wellness plan. All DenVantage wellness plans require a minimum 12 month commitment. By signing up for a DenVantage wellness plan, you agree to all terms and conditions, and acknowledge that you will pay all of your wellness plan dues in-full for at least 12 months regardless of whether you choose to no longer be enrolled in the program during the 12 month period that you have committed to.
Please speak with our office for full terms and conditions.

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